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Internet Graphical Chess Interfaces


Thief 1.1 (3.7 MB) (July 27, 2002)

This program was created by Zon Jan (WhoAmI).

Widely onsidered to be the best bughouse interface available!

LightningRulez 5.2.2
(543 kb)

Lightning Rulez, designed by Chris Gilmore (gilly) and gatorade, is one of the fastest internet chess interfaces available.  Lightning Rulez is a modified version of Winboard, in which the user is able to make his/her move in advance before the opponent moves (premoving), thereby not consuming any thinking and moving time off his/her clock.

To use Lightning Rulez, you must first download and install Tim Mann's Winboard Interface first.  Then extract the Lightning Rulez files into the winboard directory.

FICS Downloads Page

The most comprehensive site to download a graphical interface to play chess/bughouse on The Free Internet Chess Server. Interfaces available on most platforms and operating systems.

ICC Dowloads Page

Contains a nice selection of graphical interfaces to play chess/bughouse on Internet Chess Club Chess Server. Interfaces available on most platforms and operating systems.





BPGN Viewer 3.0 Program Download (1.4 MB) (March 2005)
BPGN Viewer 3.0 Source Code for Programmers (1.1 MB) (March 2005)

This incredible program, originally designed by Zon Juan Jan (WhoAmI) has been revised and updated by  Sergiy Vasylkevych (Fermy).

This program allows bughouse players to view games that are either recorded online (currently only at FICS, a free internet chess server - visit www.freechess.org for more details) or fabricated using BPGNView.

Unlike a standard PGN viewer, BPGNView will incorporate both boards into the analysis, show clocks on both boards, and pieces in hand. It also has many of the functionality features of PGN: It can store comments, multiple variations, player names, player ratings, time controls, and event location.

BugAssistant 0.2
(252 kb) (May 28, 2000)

Vassili Sukharev's (Blackcomb) new BPGN viewer that has the powerful feature of positional searches. BugAssistant allows you to build a bpgn database from internet bughouse and crazyhouse games, then the user can search for games based on players, ratings, and matching positions!  A must have for bughouse players who are interested in improving his/her game!



Computer Programs


Suicide Challenger 0.03 (312 kb) (June 13, 2001)

Programmed by Zon Jan (WhoAmI).

Enables users to play suicide chess against suicide chess engine.

Zhouse Challenger 0.20 (1 MB) (June 10, 2001)

Programmed by Zon Jan (WhoAmI). 

Enables users to play crayzhouse chess against the crazyhouse chess engine.



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